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AmeriBelge Center for Education afterschool program manages programs outside of school hours for children. The program may be sponsored by the school district, a church or nonprofit organization, but program directors generally work closely with day schools to provide an enriching and educationally sound experience.


What is HIV?

HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and it attacks your body's immune system. The virus destroys CD4 cells, which help your body fight diseases. HIV can severely damage your immune system and lead to AIDS.

How is HIV treated?

HIV treatment may reduce the amount of HIV in your blood (called "viral load"). Treatment may also help to increase the number of CD4 cells in your blood which help fight off other infections.

Diagnoses of HIV Infection, by Age

In 2010, the estimated number of diagnoses of HIV infection in the 46 states with confidential name-based HIV infection reporting, by age at diagnosis, was as follows:

Age (Years)                                             

Estimated Number of Diagnoses of HIV Infection, 2010

Under 13               217

Ages 13-14            34

Ages 15-19      2,200

Ages 20-24      7,565

Ages 25-29      6,823

Ages 30-34      5,954

Ages 35-39      5,523

Ages 40-44      5,720

Ages 45-49       5,296

Ages 50-54        3,671

Ages 55-59        2,154

Ages 60-64        1,119

Ages 65 or older   853

Diagnoses of HIV Infection, by Race/Ethnicity

CDC tracks diagnoses of HIV infection information on seven racial and ethnic groups: American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander, white, and multiple races.


Nou pale kreol

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program compliments Ameri Belge Center for Education's mission in its endeavor to create a safe and welcoming workplace and community environment by supporting those employees, visitors, users, students, and immediate family members who would like to improve their English skills by providing English language classes that suit their curricular needs along with supplementary cross-cultural educational programs that enhance communication among our diverse population.


We offer services in an atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable for all regardless of race, gender, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or physical status.


We offer smalll size classes, workshops, that are availabe for applicants' wanting to become a U.S. citizen. Ameri Belge Center for Education's program offer to help people prepare for all aspects of the naturalization process.



Ameri Belge Center food disibution program provides nutritious foods to school-age children attending public and private schools, residential communchildcare institutions, juvenile correctional institutions, boarding schools, and summer camps. See related resources for quick links to helpful USDA programs. the nutrition safety net through USDA Foods distribution and other nutrition assistance to low-income families, emergency feeding programs.

Free Youth programs at Ameribelge, we offer kids a variety of programs tailored just for them. Ameribelge provide ways to get kids thinking, learning,creating while having fun. 

Youth workshops for families 

Ameribelge offer families with kids to work together to develop and build creative minds and so much more. We offer Free after school workshops, after school programs at 2700 W. Oakland Park Blvd. Oakland Park Fl 33311

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